Turn Aside from Destruction

Joshua 2:5-16

Synopsis     Joshua 2:5-16     4/9/2018

Two spies were saved by the prostitute Rahab in the walled city of Jericho. She protected them and helped them to escape the city in exchange for their promise to save her and her family when the city would be attacked by the Israelites.

Anticipation of Total War

What does it feel like, the anticipation of total war?

As moderns, “total war” basically means “OK to bomb population centers” – cities are appropriate targets for destruction regardless of the cost in civilian lives.

But even that doesn’t really compare to living in Jericho in the time of the exodus. Imagine it: There are far more than a million people camped in the nearby wilderness. They have 600,000 warriors ready to fight.

And this is no ordinary conflict. They aren’t coming to steal your crops, or your animals, or your young men, or your young women – and then return from wherever they came. No, these people intend to annihilate your population and takeover. They intend to take your house, your farm, your everything and live in it after you’re dead. Their intention is to replace you.

That’s a little intimidating. That’s a lot intimidating.

Rahab’s decision to save herself and her family made sense.

Turn Aside From Destruction

We live in a world that sometimes seems filled with grave threats of every kind. There is only one answer.

The astute see an evil and hide, while the naïve continue on and pay the penalty” Prov 22:3

April 9, 2018

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