The Way of Givenness website is a family based effort to provide training and applications that help you build practical habits and skills to connect with God and use that connection to live a more satisfying life.

​​What is Givenness?

Givenness is a term we use to describe a basic attitude or disposition toward the things we experience in life. In short: Our experiences are given. Whether things come from the environment, or thoughts in our mind, or feelings in our affections – we receive and respond to each of these as gifts that are given from God for a purpose.

What’s the Logo Mean?

Our logo is an olive branch. It comes as a reference from the biblical story of Noah. When Noah sent out the dove, it returned with an olive branch. Usually interpreted as a symbol of peace, it is even more importantly a symbol of the gift that had been given to Noah. The gift was a new world; a new world of possibility. More precisely for Noah, a new way of experiencing the world. Once Noah took the world he lived in for granted. But the essence of the Noah story isn’t that he received a new world in which to live, but that it was given.

The fundamental Christian claim is that everything is given by God, combined with the belief that all things work together for good (Rom 8:28). Life, especially human life, is essentially purposeful and meaningful. All creation, and especially all people, have meaning because God created them purposefully.

Change the Fundamental Assumption of Your Life

Not many people who believe in God would take issue with this idea of God as sovereign. But, it takes practice, skill and grace to actually live this way. If you are willing to meet this challenge, then life looks and feels entirely different – just as it did for Noah.

How Can You Enter into the Change?

Practice and Best Practices. We learn from the great, proven traditions like the Benedictines, Franciscans, and Other Lay and Monastic Orders and bring these practices into a contemporary application using appropriate technology.

Join us in the quest to see God's hand extended in the ordinary circumstances of life. Watch as everything that once seemed familiar and common, suddenly becomes an extraordinary and miraculous expression of God's love.