Hezekiah’s Expanding Vision

Handwritten page from the second book of Chronicles chapter 29 verse 35 through chapter 30 verse 8.
2Chron 29:35-30:8

Synopsis     2Chron 29:35-30:8     5/7/2020 

King Hezekiah reestablished Temple worship. Specifically, he directed the priests and Levites to formally restart the Temple. And he provided a special offering as a way of purifying the Temple. After this, all the leaders of Jerusalem joined in the festive celebration. 

After this, Hezekiah sent letters via courier to all of Israel. He even sent the couriers to the northern kingdom. Each of these proclaimed that the Temple was once again opened. With anticipation, they invited all Israel to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem.  

In his message, Hezekiah encouraged all Israel to return to the Lord through sacrifice in Jerusalem. And he warned them that many of the challenges they were experiencing could only be overcome through faith in God.  

Hezekiah’s Expanding Vision 

Once Hezekiah successfully reinstituted Temple worship in Jerusalem, he realized more clearly what God wanted. He perceived that God was calling all of the Israelites back to the law of Moses, which could only be fulfilled through worship at the Temple. Accordingly, he wanted to share the joy of worshipping in the Temple. 

And so, he set an alternative date for that year’s Passover. In this way, there was time to invite all of Israel to worship God in Jerusalem.  

Sharing Good News 

The most normal thing in the world is to share good news.  

And, nothing is better than when a community of faithful men and women come together to worship God.  

So, perhaps now is a time when we can all gain a renewed vision for what it means to worship Jesus Christ, in Spirit and in truth. And maybe with that, our hearts will also ache to see drifters and the uninitiated join the joyful celebrations.  

“Without a vision the people lose restraint; but happy is the one who follows instruction.” Prov 29:18 

May 7, 2020

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