Wisdom and Song

Handwritten page from the book of Psalms chapter 119 verses 39 through 72.
Psalms 119:39-72

Synopsis Psalms 119:39-72 2/13/2022 

Your laws become my songs 

My portion is the Lord; I promise to keep your words. 

It was good for me to be afflicted in order to learn your laws. 

Wisdom and Song 

Sometimes wisdom seems like a hard teacher. It has sometimes led me places where I did not naturally want to go.  

But on rare occasion, God’s wisdom transcends its implication for me. And when it’s no longer a matter of what might be in it for me, be it pleasant or unpleasant, I see differently.  

In such a moment of freedom, wisdom is revealed with a brilliance that is greater than the shine of the sun. No longer a subject for mere words, the only fitting response to such brilliance is a song. 

For God loves nothing so much as the one who dwells with Wisdom. For she is fairer than the sun and surpasses every constellation of the stars. Compared to light, she is found more radiant; though night supplants light, wickedness does not prevail over Wisdom.” Wisdom 7:28-30 

March 15, 2022

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