You want to connect with God

So what's going on here?​

We basically have Three Goals. Make Christian Spirituality:

Easier to Practice

Easier to U​​​​​nderstand

More Applicable to Daily Living

We’re all different. God made us like that. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily speak to another – and that’s OK. It’s easy to get caught up in activities that don’t really help. You know how it goes: it’s what your peers are doing, it’s what your parish has always done, it’s what some author suggested you should do…

The truth is that Christianity has a long history. No matter how you’re searching for a closer relationship with God, it’s pretty certain others have experienced a similar call. We can all learn from the practices of those who’ve gone before. And there are a ton of role models who’ve have had incredible success.

Although it's based on timeless truths, Christian thinking isn't static. It's contemporary and alive to new discoveries. Historically, Christianity is the basis for western culture. This includes some of the major advances in moral thinking as well as the extraordinary advances in knowledge that have come through modern science.

So a big part of Christian spirituality is finding what works for you.

We order our lives (and this website) along some more-or-less classic lines: Prayer, Work and Community

Prayer is the overt effort to relate to God. We think of this as the contemplative part of our life. What you’ll find here are some of our favorite personal and family practices:

Daily Meditation (Lectio Divina and “The Bible Project”)

Listening Prayer

Bible Study

Work is active. We’re getting things done! But no matter what work we might be doing – it’s always the result of what we understand God is calling us to do. Here you’ll find:

Way of Givenness – What Is Givenness and How Does it Help Me?

Givenness Training – Learning How Work can be both Faithful and Effective.

Family as the Fundamental Unit of Productivity – Recognizing the Business Implications of Running a Family 

Community. God’s creation is focused on community. God didn’t create just one person. You won’t find a complete spirituality by yourself.

Family is the first community - Letting Your Family Operate More Like a “Benedict Option” Community

Faith Community – Giving and Growing as a Part of Your Faith Community

Civic Community – Recognizing the Call to Contribute to Culture