Walking Through the Miracle

Joshua 3:5-15

Synopsis     Joshua 3:5-15     4/11/2018

Joshua ordered the people to sanctify themselves the night before the Jordan crossing. The next morning, God promised Joshua to exalt him as leader over all Israel. Joshua commanded the priests to enter the waters of the Jordan, in accordance with God’s direction.

As the priests entered the water, the upstream waters piled up in a heap and did not flow, even though it was the harvest season when the river usually flooded its banks.

Miracles and Obedience

The people had a sense of their destiny – what their purpose was and how they were to enter into the possibility of their lives. They knew they were chosen. They knew they would enter into the land. They knew they would displace the people who lived there.

But they still had walking to do. They still had to enter in. They still had to follow.

Walking Through the Miracle

It’s the walking it out that creates a new set of possibilities. Because of their obedience, the Israelites were positioned to walk through the miracle. They participated in the miracle. Knowing and agreeing with God’s purposes has this effect.

When it’s obvious what God is working to accomplish, then the fact of miracles is totally unsurprising:

That He caused more than a million people to cross a river on dry ground in the middle of a flood is what had to happen. He commanded the people to go through the river. That He made a way should come as no surprise. He always makes a way.

Still, the “how” of the miraculous will never lose its surprise. Stopping the river wasn’t His only option to get the people across – it was just the one He chose.

God intends a miracle in your life. You know this. He intends for you to be free from everything that keeps you from entering into the possibility that He built into your life when He created you. That’s the miracle.

So, the miracle of your emerging freedom should also come as no surprise. Still, you can be sure the “How” of how he plans to set you free will be an awesome and surprising miracle story.

“You are the God who does wonders; among the peoples you have revealed your might” Psalm 77:15

April 11, 2018

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