Tobiah’s Faithful Generation

Handwritten page from the book of Tobit chapter 14 verses 6 through 15.
Tobit 14:6-15

Synopsis     Tobit 14:6-15     9/26/2020 

After the angel Raphael revealed himself, he disappeared. But Tobit began to praise God. And he prophesied concerning the future exile and restoration of Jerusalem. Additionally, he prophesied concerning the future destruction of Nineveh. 

Tobit was fifty-eight years old when he was afflicted with blindness. But he still lived for another fifty-four years. As he was dying, his people laid him on his bed. And he charged them to continue following God.  

He also asked Tobiah to remain with his mother Anna, until she died. At that time, Tobit directed him to bury her in his grave. And then, he commanded him to immediately move away to avoid the destruction of Nineveh.  

After Tobit and Anna died, Tobiah moved his family back to Ecbatana. Once there, he and Sarah cared for her parents until they died.  

Tobiah’s Faithful Generation 

Tobiah and his wife Sarah took care of Tobit and Anna until they died. And then, they returned to Sarah’s parents in Ecbatana and cared for them. They were faithful to Tobit’s instructions throughout their lives together. And they honored their parents in accordance with the Law of Moses.  

Faithful Generations 

One of the greatest joys on earth is to see your children attain excellence.  

“But wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” Luke 7:35 

September 29, 2020

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