The Way of Friendship

2Samuel 19:25-34

Synopsis     2Sam 19:25-34     1/22/2019 

As King David returned from his exile in Mahanaim, men and women came to greet him. Meribaal was among the first of these.  

At his departure, Ziba had reported to the king that Meribaal had betrayed him. He reported that Meribaal hoped to be named the new king of the northern tribes. So, David inquired why Meribaal had not joined him during the evacuation and exile. But Meribaal claimed that Ziba, his servant, had tricked him.  

David resolved to split Meribaal’s wealth between them. Both Meribaal and Ziba was then given half.  

Meribaal’s Friendship 

The episode with Meribaal and Ziba had King David rightfully wondering who was truly his friend. For it was clear that Ziba had brought out goods that were critical to David’s successful escape on the night of the evacuation. And Meribaal had not.

But Ziba had a motive – he clearly hoped that David might restore the property that had been conferred to Meribaal. So, vital as it was to David, Ziba’s gift belonged to someone else. And he only gave it in order to gain favor and advantage.  

The Way of Friendship 

Friendship is among the greatest of all goods. So, the way of friendship is an opposite to self-service. In other words, a true friend is prepared to give in support of the good of their friend. And the most important friendships produce the most outrageous giving.   

“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” John 15:12

January 22, 2019

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