Some Trust in Chariots

Handwritten page from the book of Psalms chapter 19 verse 13 through chapter 21 verse 7
Psalms 19:13-21:7

Synopsis     Psalm 19:13-21:7     9/8/2021 

David offered a prayer for the benefit of both king and country in time of war. And this prayer expressed both blessings and the reason for faith. 

The petition for blessings came in the form of praying for success in military planning and execution.  

But the appeal of faith was a reminder. David declared that the only thing worth trusting in is God’s name.  

Some Trust in Chariots… 

David trusted in God and the power of prayer so much that he even instructed others how to pray for him.  

Trust in the Lord 

Trust in Jesus. This is what it means to have faith. Trust that His purpose in creating you is good. And trust that He will bring you to the fullness of the essence in which He created you.  

“Brothers, pray for us” 1Thess 5:25 

September 8, 2021

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