So this is Death

Gen 3 14 24

Cursed ground and clothes made from skin. Adam is dust, and he will once again return to dust.   Ejected from the garden and denied the tree of life – the Lord God is just. Immortality would, in some way, further ruin Adam because of his knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve have somehow become like God and in such a state, they must not attend to the tree of life. The stakes were high. An eternal garden of failure, guilt and shame cannot be the outcome of this experiment.

Was the snake wrong?

There is a curious irony about deception that allows the deceiver to be technically correct on a certain level. Evil doesn’t have to a be a bald-faced lie. A subtle “interpretive difference” combined with a distorted motive is enough.

Perhaps even a guide giving honest directions about a road that he has never travelled, or never would travel – that is enough it seems, for evil.

This way might be harder than I originally thought.

August 22, 2016

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