Shunamite Calls for Help

Synopsis     2 Kings 4:14-25     8/1/2019

Just like his mentor Elijah, the prophet Elisha lived on Mount Carmel. However, he travelled about the kingdom of Israel ministering to the people.

In the village of Shunem, there was a wealthy woman who prevailed upon the prophet to accept her family’s hospitality whenever he was nearby. She and her husband went so far as to build and furnish a second story room on their roof where the prophet could spend the night.

Elisha was impressed with her kindness. She had been generous to him and his servant. And yet, she had no obvious needs. Elisha had no way to bless her for her generosity. His servant observed that the woman had no son – and therefore no security should her husband die.

So, Elisha prophesied that she would give birth to a son. And so, the following year she conceived and bore a son. And the child grew up healthy.

But then, one day the child fell ill while in the fields with his father. He was taken back to the woman where he died as she held him. She immediately placed the child on the bed of the prophet, mounted a donkey and rode to the prophet for help.

 Shunamite Calls for Help

With her mouth, she never asked the prophet for any particular blessing, including a son. But through her actions she showed that she was willing to accept whatever God brought into her life. And so, she loved the child that Elisha had prophesied that God intended to bring into her life.

As a result of her faith in receiving the child, she had the faith to recognize that the child came from God for God’s purpose. And so, prayer and intercession for the child needed to be directed back to God. She rode to the prophet to gain intercession with God.

Call on God in the Day of Distress

Trusting God means trusting God always. But in the moment of affliction, it’s rarely easy.

And, it seems, that my trust will always be challenged by the unexpected and distressing things that happen in life.

But it’s precisely in those moments that God is most proximate. And it is in those moments where learn the value of trusting God no matter what outcome.

“Then call on me on the day of distress; I will rescue you, and you shall honor me.” Psalm 50:15

August 1, 2019

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