Renewal of the Priesthood

Handwritten page from the second book of Chronicles chapter 31 verses 3 through 13.
2Chron 31:3-13

Synopsis     2Chron 31:3-13      5/12/2020 

When the seven days of the Passover feast were complete, King Hezekiah and the entire assembly agreed to extend the feast. So, they continued the celebration for another seven days. 

The king and the leaders of Jerusalem each contributed enormous numbers of cattle and sheep for the sacrifices and the feasting. It was said of the Passover that nothing like it had been seen in Jerusalem since the time of King Solomon. 

After the Passover was complete, the people went out to the countryside and destroyed all their old idols located in the villages and high places around the nation. And then, they all returned to their homes.  

Now that the Temple was functioning, King Hezekiah re-established the rotation of the priests and Levites in accordance with King David’s process. In this way, he assigned each priest and Levite his proper time of service.  

Renewed Priesthood  

The priests had been through a lot over the previous decades. When King Ahaz shut the Temple doors, he also shut down the priesthood. As a result, all the priests had to go out and find jobs. They all had to go out and rebuild their lives.   

So, they exhibited some reluctance to the opening of the Temple. They rejoiced at the prospect of once again serving God. But, making the total commitment of priestly service to the community wasn’t easy. Perhaps understandably, they didn’t want to be disappointed again.   

I suspect it was the fervor of the people that changed things. The people won over the priests by their fervent worship. As the people came from all over Israel, the priests began to believe that something permanent was happening. And with this, they began to believe in authentic renewal.   

Trust Renewal  

I work in prison ministry. Sometimes it’s hard.  

Often, I feel the need to keep myself down. I don’t want to risk becoming too excited about what God might be doing in another person’s life. Of course, the deeper truth is I don’t want to be disappointed when things don’t work out the way I think they should.   

I tell myself that I need to be balanced.   

Of course, it’s merely a defense mechanism.

But this is the way of renewal. Born again means born again to a new set of potentialities. And, as the apostle has reminded us, the command to love means that we “always believe”.  

So, even if I don’t always see, I know God’s word is not empty. Instead, God has filled it with life. And, it will eventually have its effect. For this, I will trust in the Lord.  

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, on your own intelligence do not rely;” Prov 3:5 

May 12, 2020

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