Raphael’s Counsel

Handwritten page from the book of Tobit chapter 6 verses 13 through 18.
Tobit 6:13-18

Synopsis     Tobit 6:13-18     9/11/2020 

As the two journeyed together, Tobiah and Raphael discussed Raguel’s daughter Sarah. Raphael had explained her many virtues to Tobiah. And he assured him that Raguel would not withhold Sarah from him.  

But Tobiah remained concerned. Especially because Sarah had been married seven times. And each marriage had ended on the wedding night with her new husband dead at the hands of an evil demon.  

Raphael assured Tobiah that no harm would befall him. Accordingly, he instructed Tobiah how to make a special incense from a fish’s liver and heart. And Tobiah had these items on hand because Raphael had told him to remove the innards from a fish they previously encountered while crossing the Tigris River.  

In this way, Tobiah became determined to marry Sarah.  

Raphael’s Counsel 

Tobiah listened to Raphael’s counsel. Although he expressed concerns about moving forward in marriage to Sarah, Raphael helped him recognize God’s intentions and purposes. As a result, Tobiah gained confidence that his proposal was in harmony with God’s plan.  

Spiritual Counsel 

The hallmark of great spiritual counsel isn’t that I’ve been told what to do. Instead, I recognize great spiritual counsel because it has the power to make my circumstances clearer.  

“The way of fools is right in their own eyes, but those who listen to advice are the wise.” Prov 12:15 

September 11, 2020

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