Passover Renewal

Handwritten page from the second book of Chronicles chapter 30 verse 22 through chapter 31 verse 2.
2Chron 30:22-31:2

Synopsis     2Chron 30:22-31:2     5/11/2020 

King Hezekiah sent couriers throughout Israel. He sent them with the invitation to all the Israelites from every tribe to come to Jerusalem and celebrate the Passover. In the north, the people mostly derided the messengers. But some made the decision to come. 

However, in the southern kingdom, all of the people rejoiced at the news. So, they gathered in Jerusalem at the appointed time. And people from every tribe of the Israelites filled the city.   

Unfortunately, some of the Israelites were so unfamiliar with the celebration that they came without having sanctified themselves. Still, King Hezekiah made a special prayer to the Lord to allow all to participate in this special Passover celebration. And, the Lord heard his prayer.  

Accordingly, the entire assembly celebrated the Passover with great joy for seven days.  

Passover Renewal 

The celebration of the Passover in Jerusalem filled the people with joy. This was in part because of the nature of celebrating the Passover. But it was also because the Passover had never been celebrated so well.  

Hezekiah invested his wealth in creating an experience for the people. And that investment tied the people to an actual experience of the goodness of God through the blessing of community.  

Community in Revival 

God is always present. Yet, sometimes I lose my ability to perceive His presence. There is a certain opaqueness that prevents me from experiencing God directly.  

When a person has cataracts removed from their eyes, they experience a radical change. In the span of a few minutes, they go from being almost blind to having clear vision. Suddenly, no more need for glasses. In a refreshing moment of revelation, the ordinary things that have always been nearby are all at once visible.

Revival is like this.

I go to church week in and week out. And somehow, after a while, the blessings of fellowship seem to evaporate. The common becomes so common that I can’t see it anymore.

My tendency is to take every good thing for granted. I start off overwhelmed with joy. But I end up forgetfully wandering.

So, revive us Lord. Help me to renewed awareness of your blessings. As you have done before, help us to once again invest deeply in the lives of others. And by this, open our eyes to the miracles that daily surround us.  

“Then we will not withdraw from you; revive us, and we will call on your name.” Psa 80:18 

May 11, 2020

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