Noah out of Evil

Gen 6 1 -13

Gen 6:1 -13

How could the current of pure love outflow from God result in the abhorrence and revulsion that could somehow make good the plan to destroy all created life from the earth? How am I to make sense of this?

I want to believe that God is equally pleased with everything that comes out of me. My sins and failures are the amusing faux pas of a child learning. They are unavoidable and therefore, somehow, innocent.

It is strange how I can feel empathy for an unworthy character in a dark story of deliberate moral failure, and also be overwhelmed with compassion upon reflecting on the suffering of a good and righteous person.

It is the breath of my generation. No moral claim is valid as such. And yet I find myself surrounded by failure and all that comes with it. I have cast off the moral sensibilities that are somehow intuitive in the depth of my soul – but the shame and guilt cling to my being.

Noah walked with God. I want to walk with God. Today, not to be saved from the tidal flood, but just to be with Him.

For I am conscious of nothing against myself, yet I am not by this acquitted; but the one who examines me is the Lord.  1 Cor 4:3


August 27, 2016

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