Lysias Saw God

Handwritten page from the second book of Maccabees chapter 11 verses 11 through 29.
2Macc 11:11-29

Synopsis     2Maccabees 11:11-29     4/22/2021 

As an advocate of Greek customs, Lysias intended to destroy the Jews with his grand army. He intended to remake Jerusalem as a Greek enclave. But Maccabeus inflicted heavy losses in their battle. In fact, in a single day, Lysias lost eleven thousand soldiers and sixteen hundred horsemen.  

In the end, Lysias concluded that the empire could not defeat the Jews. So, Lysias wrote to King Antiochus. And the king responded. Together they decided to make peace with the Jews rather than face further losses.  

Accordingly, Lysias wrote a letter to the Jews. In it, he explained the king’s willingness to allow Jewish tradition. Afterward, the Jews received a letter directly from the king. In this, King Antiochus gave further assurance that the government would respect this basic Jewish right.  

Lysias Saw God 

Lysias recognized that God protected the Jews. Jewish faith in God combined with God’s faithfulness to His chosen people, made defeating the Jews impossible.  

In this way, Lysias acknowledged the God of the Jews.  

Seeing God 

John the apostle wrote about Jesus. At one point, Jesus said to his disciple, “This is how people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” 

God has made you a witness by virtue of your relationship with Him. And this works in you for your salvation. But it also works through you to reach a world asleep. 

“You are my witnesses*—oracle of the LORD— my servant whom I have chosen to know and believe in me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, and after me there shall be none.” Isa 43:10 

April 22, 2021

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