Legacy Over Feud

2Sam 19:7-14

Synopsis     2Sam 19:7-14     1/18/2019 

Joab accused David of indifference. The king was so grieved by Absalom’s death that he seemed to care about nothing else. So, Joab pointed out that the soldiers who had defended him were confused and discouraged. And he predicted that unless David stopped grieving and acknowledged the victory, his army was likely to desert in the night. 

Meanwhile, the tribal leaders of Israel decided to restore David to his throne. And David learned of their intention. So first, David messaged the leaders of the tribe of Judah. He challenged them to restore him to the throne of Judah before the northern tribes restored him to his throne in Jerusalem. At the same, he messaged Amasa, who led the army of Israel under Absalom, and offered him Joab’s position as leader of all Israelite forces.  

David’s Family Feud 

Absalom’s rebellion was a family fight. And almost all the major characters were related. What’s more, most of them came from Bethlehem. For example, Absalom was obviously David’s son. But Joab and Abishai were David’s cousins. And Amasa was David’s nephew and Absalom’s cousin.  

The rebellion was in many ways, a family affair. But the Bethlehemite clan fight had polarized all Israel. The nation ground to a halt. Everyone had to choose sides between competing factions from amongst the children of Obed.  

And so, in order to heal the rebellion, David had to heal the damaged relationships within his family.  

Legacy Over Feud 

It’s probably out of fashion to speak in terms of family legacy. Yet, there is an undeniable power in developing the capacity to think in terms of generational impact.  

So, to rightly think in terms of legacy, I have to recognize that my influence in my family won’t end when my children leave for college. And it won’t end when I die. And it won’t end when they lay my bones in the ground. It won’t even end when my name is long forgotten. What I do today will affect the success or failure of people who are not yet conceived for perhaps hundreds of years.  

This is an undeniable fact. My actions will influence future generations within my family.  

So, will I work to deliberately influence my progeny to work for excellence and success with God and man. Or, will I do as I please with my life and hope things work out for me, and for them. 

“but showing love down to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments.” Exodus 20:6 

January 18, 2019

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