King David’s Worship

Handwritten page from the first book of Chronicles chapter 25 verses 2 through 15.
1Chron 25:2-15

Synopsis     1Chron 25:2-15     2/3/2020 

King David prepared for the temple construction. One way he did this was by working with the priests and Levites to adapt past liturgical ways of worship to accommodate the realities of a large building. So, after having reorganizing the priest’s duties, he focused attention on the Levites.  

Basically, the Levites conducted all temple activities except what the priests did. This included everything from guarding the temple complex to performing the praise music. 

And for David, praise was a serious business. The forms of praise he introduced focused on stringed instruments and cymbal percussion. Accordingly, he designated certain skilled men to perform these aspects of worship.  

Of these, the author mentioned that Jeduthum and his sons had the ability to prophecy to the accompaniment of David’s system of musical praise.  

King David’s Worship 

King David worshiped with his whole heart. He praised God with song with the same focused energy that he fought in battles. For him, it was a form of self-giving.  

Oddly enough, this practice produced in him, and others under his authority, the capacity to utter the very thoughts of God. In David’s case, we know these expressions as the psalms.

My Worship 

Praising God with music and in song is powerful. It focuses my attention on some aspect of the goodness of God. And, in this way, it causes me to remain present nowhere but in the very moment of praise. It is this, I suspect, that causes participation in praise to be the source of so much epiphany in our present time, and so much prophecy in the past.  

Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our king, sing praise. For God is king over  all the earth sing hymns of praise.” Psa 47:7-8 

February 3, 2020

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