King David & The Levites

Synopsis     1Chron 26:23-32     2/6/2020

King David had placed all of the administration of the temple in the hands of skillful Levites. Each was given responsivity in accordance with their skill and their family’s legacy.

Accordingly, David turned over to a clan of Levites all of the materials that had been devoted to God’s purpose. And this included not only materials that he had designated, but also materials that Samuel and King Saul had devoted.

Additionally, King David gave over administrative responsibility for civil affairs and military support to certain, designated clans of Levites.

King David & The Levites

The Levites were the educated class of the nation. By virtue of their role as preservers and teachers of the law of Moses, they required education. And with education, they became the best qualified to administer the wealth and infrastructure of the nation.

For these families, work and praise were integrally related.

Work & Praise

It is said that in the Hebrew language, the word avodah  is used for both English words “work” and “worship”.

This is why the relationship between work and righteousness is so closely knit together in the Judeo-Christian tradition. To work with excellence is rightly understood as an offering to the God of all Creation.

So, may I make the commitment today to do whatever I do as unto the Lord.

“Whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the Lord and not for others,” Col 3:23 

February 5, 2020

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