Job’s Vindicator

Handwritten page from the book of Job chapter 19 verse 14 through chapter 20 verse 16.
Job 19:14-20:16

Synopsis     Job 19:14-20:16     6/17/2021 

In his anguish, Job responded to Bildad. In what has become typical, Job laments his feelings of abandonment. And he begged that his friends would pity him rather than accuse him of wrongdoing.  

Even so, Job anticipated his eventual vindication. In a rare moment of clarity, he believed that God still planned to rescue him. And then he predicted that his friends would be forced to repent from their simpleminded understanding of God. 

In response, Zophar proclaimed a variation on his past theme. Namely, he argued that evil people are suddenly destroyed in a way that prevents them from enjoying their illicit gains.  

Job’s Vindicator 

Somehow, in the midst of his agony, Job still believed. 


To be redeemed is the ultimate vindication. Not that this should cause envy in those who have shamed me. But instead, my anticipation is to experience the fulfillment of the thing I have set my heart upon.  

It won’t be done with money, because it is no mere transaction. But it is the very working or God.  

“For thus says the LORD: For nothing you were sold,without money you shall be redeemed.” Isa 52:3 

June 17, 2021

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