Job’s Self-Justification

Handwritten page from the book of Job chapter 40 verse 3 through chapter 41 verse 2.
Job 40:3-41:2

Synopsis     Job 40:3-41:2     8/2/2021 

After God spoke, Job acknowledged the limits of his power. And so, he committed to speak no more. 

But God continued to question Job. Specifically, he asked Job about justice.  

From Job’s perspective, he had done nothing wrong. And so, he deserved none of the miserable things that had happened to him. For him, the misery was undeserved and, therefore, unjust. 

In response, God reminded Job of the obvious. Job did not have the power to save himself. He was created entirely dependent upon God.  

Job’s Self-Justification 

God asked Job, “Would you condemn me [your maker] that you may be justified?” 

Job had done well in his willingness to stoically accept whatever God had brought into his life. In this way, he never cursed God.  

But his grudging acceptance wasn’t the full possibility of his life. More precisely, Job’s acceptance wasn’t born out of love. It conveyed no love for God.  

Acceptance With Joy 

It is the martyr’s way to accept with joy. For such a one, simply knowing that God is behind every circumstance causes a response in love.  

The apostle wrote, “Count it all joy…”  

“Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials” James 1:2 

August 3, 2021

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