Job’s Search for Wisdom

Handwritten page from the book of Job chapter 28 verse 14 through chapter 29 verse 10.
Job 28:14-29:10

Synopsis     Job 28:14-29:10     6/30/2021 

Having finished debating with his friends, Job summed his belief. For him, wisdom was “the fear of the Lord”.  

After this, Job expressed his longing for the life he had known before his affliction.  

Job’s Search for Wisdom 

Job wanted wisdom. More specifically, he wanted to know where he could find wisdom. For him, it wasn’t an academic pursuit. Because of his physical suffering, he needed answers.  

And so, in the psychological process of coming to terms with his situation, he sought God.  

Seeking Wisdom in God 

Seeking wisdom is a process. It follows that seeking wisdom by fearing God is a process. How easy is it to allow myself to be awed by His majesty? 

Oddly, this awe is fleeting. At one moment the Holy Spirit fills me with the fear of the Lord. And yet the next, I can be overcome by the fear that someone will find the package of cookies I’ve secretly hidden in the cabinet.  

This process is not linear. Instead, I come to terms with God by routinely visiting His divine presence. It is habitude – the habit of reflecting on God in the midst of every calm and every storm.  

I know, LORD, that no one chooses their way, Nor determines their course nor directs their own step. Correct me, LORD, but with equity, not in anger, lest you diminish me. “ Jer 10:23-24 

July 7, 2021

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