Hezekiah and the Unseen

Handwritten page from the second book of Chronicles chapter 32 verses 3 through 12.
2Chron 32:3-12

Synopsis     2Chron 32:3-12     5/14/2020 

Assyria was growing as an empire centered to the north and east of Israel. And Sennacherib was its king. 

Earlier in Hezekiah’s reign, the Assyrians had overrun the northern kingdom. But now King Sennacherib decided to invade the southern kingdom of Judah as well.  

As the invasion began, King Hezekiah gathered his leaders. Together, they decided to stop-up the springs of water outside the city. Additionally, they reinforced the battlements of the city.  

As the warriors of Jerusalem made preparations, Hezekiah called all the people together. He encouraged the people by reminding them that God could protect them no matter what.

The Lord might work through the military fortifications they were working on. But, as Hezekiah knew, the Lord might also use unseen forces. And he reminded the people that God was greater than any human force.  

As they completed their preparations, Sennacherib sent envoys. And, these men spoke to some of the high officials of Jerusalem. The Assyrian envoys threatened Hezekiah’s high officials. Their words caused many of the Israelites to feel great anxiety.  

Hezekiah and The Unseen 

Hezekiah was aware of God’s powerful but hidden powers. And so, just as King David had done, he trusted in God’s unseen forces.   

So, even though it didn’t look like he stood a chance against the great Assyrian horde, he remained confident.  

Walking Among the Unseen 

Sometimes the news of our time can feel overwhelming. In fact, I’m often tempted to think that maybe evil is winning the day.  

But take heart. It’s never really like that, because God is always in control. And even though He has a purpose that isn’t necessarily obvious, He has already won our victory.

Remember, Jesus has no rival. And evil is never the equal of the God of all creation.  

It is the un-obvious that drives the obvious. Or, it is the unseen that drives the seen. But, it is never the other way around.  

“Elisha answered, ‘Do not be afraid. Our side outnumbers theirs.’ Then he prayed, ‘O LORD, open his eyes, that he may see.’ And the LORD opened the eyes of the servant, and he saw that the mountainside was filled with fiery chariots and horses around Elisha.” 2Kings 6:16-17 

May 14, 2020

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