God Keeps His Promises

Handwritten page from the book of Psalms chapter 104 verse 34 through chapter 105 verse 33
Psalms 104:34-105:33

Synopsis     Psalms 104:34-105:33     1/31/2022 

As the psalmist reflected, he joyfully meditated on God’s greatness and the wonder of His creation. 

Part of the wonder of God is how he forever remembers His holy covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God backed up His promises by carefully protecting the patriarchs. And then, He saved the Jacob’s sons in Egypt through Joseph. 

Centuries later, He once again remembered His covenant and raised up Moses. And through Moses, God showed His power by bringing Pharaoh and all Egypt low while exalting the Children of Promise. 

God Keeps His Promises 

When I’m really stressed, sometimes I cry out to God, “Where are you? Why aren’t you helping me???” 

There is an essential difference between the way a man creates and the way that God creates. We use the metaphor of spoken language to describe God’s power to create. Hence, “Let there be light…” and there was light. In this sense, when God speaks, the thing spoken is certainly created, even if not yet seen. 

So, the solution to my every problem is out there. It has already been created. Therefore, with grace and gratitude as your guides, seek what has already been accomplished.  

“God is not a human being who speaks falsely, nor a mortal, who feels regret. Is God one to speak and not act, to decree and not bring it to pass?” Num 23:19 

February 17, 2022

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