God Inspired Creativity

Handwritten page from the first book of Kings chapter 6 verses 22 through 36.
1Kings 6:22-36

Synopsis    1Kings 6:22-36     3/19/2019 

Solomon completed the construction of the main house of the temple. Afterward, he made two cherubim that he placed in the Holy of Holy place. These were large figures that dominated the space where the mercy seat would be located.  

Everything inside the house was made from wood that was covered in gold. Even the cherub figures were covered in gold. And all the wood was carved with ornate, symbolic figures.   

Solomon’s Creativity 

Solomon worked from a pattern. But he had to orchestrate the effort and make provision for much of the materials. His was a creative effort that transcended merely following directions.  

So, he used his gifts of wisdom and administration in order to glorify God. 

God Inspired Creativity 

I also have certain innate gifts. In fact, we all do. And we also have time and resources.  

What’s curious, is that we have pretty much the same as Solomon. Not the same resources. And not the same vocation. Nor the same gifts. 

But we all have some of each.  

And so, there is Solomon in all his royal splendor. He was ruler over God’s chosen people. And he was Creator of the first temple devoted to the one true God.  

And yet, we are no less than he in the eyes of God. Our present mission is just as great.  

“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them:” Rom 12:6 

March 19, 2019

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