Elihu – God’s Interpreter

Handwritten page from the book of Job chapter 32 verse 13 through chapter 33 verse 22
Job 32:13-33:22

Synopsis     Job 32:13-33:22     7/13/2021 

Elihu came to Job along with his three friends. He was younger than Job’s friends. And so, as the discussion had unfolded, he chose to remain silent. However, Job’s claim bothered him. In fact, he felt strongly that Job was unjust in his accusation against God. And, it angered him that none of his friends could refute his arguments.  

So, after everyone else was finished talking, he spoke up. As he did, he noted that his motive was to do justice toward God. And so, he challenged Job’s complaints. 

First, he countered Job’s claim that God had hidden himself from Job. Instead of being unavailable, Elihu argued that God is constantly speaking. However, it is up to human beings to understand how he speaks and how to interpret. 

Specifically, Elihu believed that God speaks in dreams, in visions and through suffering. In these ways, God communicates instructions that both preserve and protect human beings.   

Elihu – God’s Interpreter 

Elihu claimed that God is always speaking. Through every circumstances He communicates wisdom. 

Hearing God 

Jesus once said, “Whoever has ears ought to hear.”   

I cannot hear God if I don’t think He is speaking. And I won’t see God working if I come to life thinking nothing matters.  

“The words of one’s mouth are deep waters, the spring of wisdom, a running brook.“ Prov 18:4 

July 14, 2021

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