Don’t Hide Your Face From Me

Handwritten page from the book of Psalms chapter 101 verse 4 through chapter 102 verse 22.
Psalms 101:4-102:22

Synopsis     Psalms 101:4-102:22     1/26/2022 

King David proclaimed his rejection of evil. He promised to befriend only the righteous. And he drove out unfaithful people from his court. He feared that God’s presence might depart Jerusalem and Israel if evil was allowed to dwell in the city.   

The psalmist cried out to the Lord. In a moment of distress and despair, he begged God to reveal himself.  

At the same time, he marveled how God remained steadfast forever. And he committed to telling future generations about God’s steadfast faithfulness.  

Don’t Hide Your Face 

I need God.  

In fact, I need God like my body needs air. Without air in my lungs, I would immediately die. Similarly, if God withdrew His spirit, I would immediately be no more.  

I feel this need acutely. Especially as I grow older, I am increasingly aware that I could fail at life after all. Thus, if God hid His face from me, I would be lost.  

And so, I seek Him where He may be found. 

“How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.” Matt 7:14 

February 9, 2022

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