David’s Steadfast Heart

Handwritten page from the book of Psalms chapter 107 verse 34 through chapter 109 verse 25
Psalms 107:34-109:25

Synopsis     Psalms 107:34-109:25     2/4/2022 

King David was determined. So, he told God of his intentions. He let God know that his heart was steadfast. He was determined to praise no matter what. 

And so, he spoke to God with confidence. He asked for help knowing that God loved Israel and therefore should want to help.   

Later, he came to a cosmic reflection on the order of the world. He saw that every nation and people has its own role in the world. Accordingly, he asked for aid against Israel’s foes. 

What’s more, he asked God to intervene against his personal enemies. At this point in his reign, there were conspirators determined to injure David’s reign through false accusations. And so David petitioned God to intervene against those subjects who repaid David evil for good.   

Steadfast Heart 

God is on my side. In fact, He is more on my side than I am. He’s determined to protect my soul and do good for me.  

Such is the case for anyone who seeks after Him. Anyone who remains steadfast. 

So, let’s take David’s lead and ask God to protect us and lead us into every true and good and beautiful encounter He has always intended.  

“Open up the gates that a righteous nation may enter, one that keeps faith.” Isaiah 26:2 

February 23, 2022

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