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Day 1

Gen 1:1-13

Gen 1:1-13

Genesis 1:1-13

God is Subject. There is no object. And then He speaks. And somehow, through His word spoken, participation with His existence is made, is brought into being. This is the power of word spoken out of the subjectivity of God.

But spoken word is followed by separation. God saw that it was good and then separated. What am I to make of that? How should I understand?


My experience and my teachers tell me that I share not only in participation in existence, but also with this power to speak into existence. I do it often, perhaps almost continuously. My words do not have the power of fiat. They are, it seems to me, more like the dull hum of continuous droning. It makes me wonder what would happen if I spoke less often but with increased focus and deliberateness.

August 5, 2016
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