Achior’s Testimoney

Handwritten page from the book of Judith chapter 6 verse 5 through 18.
Judith 6:5-18

Synopsis     Judith 6:5-18     10/14/2020 

Holofernes was the prime general over the Assyrian army. And he was threatening Israel with his vast army located near the Israelite city of Bethulia.  

After an Ammonite leader named Achior warned him against attacking the Israelites, he raged against the God of Israel. And he punished Achior by binding his hands and feet. Then, he had his soldiers deposit the Ammonite near the wall of Bethulia. In this way, Achior would suffer the same fate as the Israelites once the battle began. 

At the time, Uzziah was the leader of the city. So, when Achior was brought to him and the elders, they heard his story and welcomed him.  

Achior’s Testimony 

The same truth made Holofernes rage and the Israelites rejoice. The Assyrian general hated the truth and cast it away. But the Israelites loved the truth and embraced the witness. 

Embracing the Truth Teller 

I’m often blind to my many faults. So, it is usually a shock when friends call out my bad habits and other behavioral failures.  

It hurts. And I don’t like pain. In fact, I usually try to avoid pain whenever possible.  

But the problem comes when I associate the pain of my own failures with the person who pointed out my failure. I want to blame the messenger because I felt no pain until they spoke.  

Of course, the true cause of the pain was my own failings. And invariably my failings will eventually be exposed. And without friends around, the exposure is often far more devastating than need be.  

So, I’m learning to trust in the good intent of even a painful word when it comes from a friend. And I’m learning that truth tellers are good candidates to cultivate as friends.  

“Trustworthy are the blows of a friend, dangerous, the kisses of an enemy.” Prov 27:6 

October 14, 2020

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