Achior’s Offense

Handwritten page from the book of Judith chapter 5 verse 19 through chapter  verse 4.
Judith 5:19-6:4

Synopsis     Judith 5:19-6:4     10/13/2020 

After Achior told Holofernes about Israel’s protective God, the great general became angry. Holofernes subscribed to the belief that King Nebuchadnezzar was god. So, he condemned Achior for blaspheming. And he predicted his army’s victory in gory detail.  

Achior’s Offense 

Achior’s explanation and warning offended Holofernes. Of course, it was the great general who ordered Achior and other regional leaders to attend his council. But, Achior told the truth and warned the general of his impending defeat by the hand of God. And this was the worst part for Holofernes. Achior’s claim exposed Holoforernes’ fundamental belief that Nebuchadnezzar was god.  

Achior’s truth exposed Holofernes’ lie.  

Exposing the Truth 

Mother Theresa of Calcutta is quoted, “We must never be afraid to be a sign of contradiction for the world”.  

So, in the end, the light for this age is manifest in the way that you and I choose to live our lives. It follows, that if the truth is to be made evident, it will be so because of the testimony of our lives.  

But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.” John 3:21 

October 13, 2020

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